Hello Conference English students!

I’m hoping we can use this blog as a platform to help discussions in class and share different views.


5 Responses to “Hello Conference English students!”

  1. Sue(Xiyun,Zhou) Says:

    The class is different from what I thought before I chose it,but I like it very much.My English is so poor that sometimes I do not know how to discribe what I want to say,but I will try my best .I like your style of class.

  2. Li Julia Says:

    I like this idea of discussing outside the class room environment for a change. It can get shy people talking as well.

  3. gaijinalways Says:

    That’s the idea, to encourage people to contribute whenever they can. I hope we can post questions and answers here so that we can help everyone in the class to do their individual and group work.

  4. maya Says:

    I thought it was an intersting idea to have a place to discuss out of class, too. Because it is written, you can have more time to think about what others said, and consider about the issue deeply.
    This class seems to be very different from the class in last semester, and seems to be more academic. I am sure I will be able to learn a lot from this class, and am looking forword to taking it.

  5. gaijinalways Says:

    Yes, that’s true it will be useful. We could have probably used it in the last class (good idea for next time). We will have interactive presentations in this class, which should stimulate lots of discussion in class as well as outside of it.

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