Q4# Why some people don’t take a full time job

We looked at an article from last year about a freeter’s rally in Tokyo. They were urging the government to allow them to make more money so that they could have ‘a beautiful life’ too.

What do you think is the best way to do that; simply pay part-timers more, give more of them full time jobs, or do you have some other idea?


12 Responses to “Q4# Why some people don’t take a full time job”

  1. Minkyung Lee Says:

    i think more people should get full time jobs for the stable economy system but the society need some people for the part-timers to manage their work so we can’t make everyone have ful time jobs. But i think now the number of freeter is too much and it can make the society unstable because they can’t stop worrying about their future lives with those jobs which they cannot sure if they can live with it till the end of their lives.

  2. Rikko Says:

    I think that the government should abolish the low of minimam payment, because companies will employ more people, including freeters. According to some economists or economical texts, the low make companies want more creative or efficient people, like those who have graduated or have some special skills, because they have to pay much money to their emploees. So, they do not like to have less efficient people in their jobs.

  3. Rikko Says:

    And Minkyung says that the number of freeters is too much and it can make the society unstable. I think so too. But, as now we have been facing a financial crisis, the number of people companies want to empoly will decrease from the last year. I do not know whether we university students who are seeking a job can get a job or not. But I think that companies want to employ flesh people much more that the people like freeters, if they have to pay same money to both of them. So, I think that the government should break the low.

  4. gaijinalways Says:

    The law is only concerning a minimum wage, which is only concerned with jobs that are part-time, i.e. under 30 hours a week.

    As to whether companies want recent graduates versus people who have been freetering, yes, companes wqorry that freeters maybe can’t settle down with one job as many of them often change jobs frequently.

  5. Panya Says:

    I think that most freeters lack of commitment to their job. They tend to put their effort not on their job, but doing what they want. So, I think that’s it’s really not their call that whether or not the government should give them social support.
    Most people work hard to make a good living. These people are dedicating their time and effort. Those are the people who should get support from the government, if ever needed.

  6. Chihiro Says:

    I agree with Panya’s idea. Some of freeters and neets don’t want to get a job. So even if the government changed the working environment, they wouldn’t try to get a full time job, anyway.
    On the other hand, there is another group of people who wants to get a full time job but couldn’t. Indeed, there is a serious problem of “working poor” and I think the government should do something for this problem. But as for some people who don’t want to get a full time job, it’s not the government fault but it is just their way of thinking. I guess each of them has various reasons for not getting a job and thus, when we try to reduce the number of them, we need to listen to them patiently, and we should try to let them involve in the society gradually.

  7. gaijinalways Says:

    And then there are people who don’t have full time jobs because they make more money working part-time ones, yes?

    Effort is a big part of the picture, and working toward a goal is important. Does the education in Japan need to be changed to reflect this?

  8. Minkyung Lee Says:

    yes, as you said there are people who don’t have full time jobs because they make more money working part-time ones.
    I don’t know exactly about the situation of education in Japan but if what i think is right it might be more like general education, not the specific one. I know there are some specialized schools but the number of school is not that many. The general school education is sometimes not efficient because students spend their time studying useless things. i think education system should give the students various choices on studying.

  9. gaijinalways Says:

    That sounds about right, but it is still up to students to apply themselves. Certainly though, making choices more relevant might encourage more people to continue studying.

    What can be done though, about the students where money is a problem?

  10. Li Julia Says:

    I think most freeters are afraid to live the same life style. They can’t stand the idea that they are working for a company 24 hours a day 5 days a week, repeatedly for the rest of their life. They want to live a life where they can move houses freely (don’t have to thinking about renting or buying a house near their work), have extra time to enjoy their hobby or simply live an ever changing life style.

  11. Li Julia Says:

    I exaggerated a little. Not 24 hours a day, but it might feels like it. ^.^

  12. gaijinalways Says:

    I’m not sure if freeters normally move freely as some are living in net cafes or with their parents. As to working 24 hours a day, some people in Japan do work very long hours 6-7 hours a day and hence are called drones.

    Do you think many freeters are trying to avoid this kind of life?

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