Q8# Surprises in the presentation

Was there anything surprising (for you) in our last weeks’s presentation on Neets and Freeters?


7 Responses to “Q8# Surprises in the presentation”

  1. Minkyeong Lee Says:

    It was interesting that the meaning of Neets and Freeters is little bit different from each countries. And as i thought, they have no one to talk to about future and things they’re worrying about. I think to have many people around them is the best way to get out of those situation. So here, i’m curious about the average number of the friends that Neets or Freeters have.

  2. gaijinalways Says:

    Well, I’d have to say on average I have 1-3 ‘students’ a semester who seem to be heading down that road, though to be honest I might have more as I often have some ‘ghost’ students on my rosters.

  3. ayamo Says:

    I felt that it’s extremely difficult for business firms to increase the number of regular employment and on the other hand, they can easily benefit from cutting employments. Without government’s subsidizing policies or worker’s union’s action, I felt it’s almost impossible for firms to increase the number of regular employments under unstable economy 😦

  4. gaijinalways Says:

    That could be true, but you do have to wonder if businesses can’t plan more carefully so that changes in the economy wouldn’t affect the number of people they employ.

  5. Li Julia Says:

    There were not much surprises, but i thought the different data they gave was interesting. I always thought freeter and Neets are personal choices. People make decision based on their environment. In the example of freeter and neets, they choose to be this way because they have access to enough money with little work or no work at all and getting support from their parents. If their parents do not create this environment, and one day they realise they have to earn money to pay rent or else they will end up on the street and no one has got their back, they will be worried and will be out of this freeter and neeter situation themselves. We can only help ourselves, so instead of worring for them, make them worry. Sometime being cruel is being kind.

  6. sari Says:

    same as ming, the diefference of meening of Neets and freeters was new for me. not only that, i was really surprised that there are certain group of neets in UK. Though my understanding, Nagisa said that in UK, after students graduate from their schools, they start job hunting. So they are not techinically freeter during this period, but since the government doesn’t wanna pay them some aid (soe money? I’m not sure at this point), the goverment decided to call them as neets. So this means the definition of neets can be defferent from countries. It’s new and surprising for me.

  7. gaijinalways Says:

    uh, but what if the bad economy has made it difficult for them to find a job?

    that’s often true, that definitions are different in different countries. It’s something we often might forget when discussing certain situations where words might have different meanings for speakers from different countries or sometimes even from different areas in the same country.

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