Q9# Vietnam and Sweden

Are Vietnam and Sweden that different from Japan when it comes to marriage?

Japan has people living together, and some arranged marriages. What’s different here and how does it affect especially older people who have yet to marry?


10 Responses to “Q9# Vietnam and Sweden”

  1. gaijinalways Says:

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  2. ayamo Says:

    The reason of oversea marriage in Vietnam is because of domestic situation which is negative for children. Vietnam economy in growing but still remains poor and also medical and educational infrastructure is not available for all children.
    The reason of Sweden’s lowest marriage rate in the world is the structure of society. The homogeneous society with weak cultural, religious bond made young people to have testimonial and take the mean of marriage easily.

    In Japan,which is for sure that both arrange marriage and cohabitation exist, the low marriage rate’s reason is high child raising cost and raising age of first marriage. The main reason of similar output is quite different I guess.

  3. gaijinalways Says:

    Japan cohabitation rate


    divorce rate


    cohabitation in Korea

  4. Rikko Says:

    I think that the reason of the decleasing importance of marriage in Sweden is come from its social securities. The social security systems in Sweden, or Northan Europe, are the best one for individual people to live in this world. People think one think she/he can live by oneself and regard marriage as meaningless for her/him.
    While, the social infrastructure of Vietnam, such as Education or Economy systems, is unstable. As Ayamo said, in fact, in the aspect of the economy, Vietnam is growing today, but its social infrastructure has not grown enough to support its people’s lives yet. So, people want to marry other countries, especially people in the developed ones, to make their lives stable and better.

  5. Minkyeong Lee Says:

    yes, i agree with Rikko. I think it’s quite easy to compare those two countries, Sweden and Vietnam. The main point in each country is that for Sweden, the cohabitation rate is high but the child poverty is almost nonexistent because they get generous welfare benefits which make almost all mothers be able to stay at home to spend time with their babies. So i think to them, the marriage itself is not that important.
    On the other hand, for Vietnam, it’s really popular to find a husband in another countries and those countries are usually developed ones. As aya and rikko said above, there is no enough social infrastructure for brining up the kids so they want to marry the guys who live well enough to take care of their kids. And maybe the standard of social morality is quite different from each countries and it can also make those differencies in the way of lifestyle.

  6. gaijinalways Says:

    I’m not sure how you would say it’s popular to marry foreigners in Vietnam. I would say the number of foreigners in Vietnam is even lower as a percentage of the population than Japan. Japan probably has more mixed nationality marriages, especially men marrying foreign women (I’ll let you puzzle over why they might do that and who those foreign women are).

    Vietnam on the face of it seems to attach more prestige to marrying than present day Japan. Why is marriage not as special as it used to be in Japan?

    Yes, the high cohabitation rate in Sweden has led to the lowest modern nation rate for marriage. The cohabitation rate in Japan is still relatively low, some 3-4%, but of the younger women interviewed, up to 25% had been in a cohabitation situation previously, if not presently.

    Why would more and more women here opt for cohabitation than marriage?

  7. Panya Says:

    I think the reason why more women in Japan chose cohabitation is because it’s easier for them to leave if they think the relationship is not working out. I think it’s an experiment for them, to see what it’d be like if they decided to live together. “First cohabitation, than marriage”. In this way it’s likely that the couples can avoid divortion problem in the future.

  8. gaijinalways Says:


    That could very well be. In England they often call it a ‘trial marriage’, which they might do for a year. At the end of that time, couples usually decide if they wish to marry or not.

    I’m not sure how they will ‘avoid’ divorce problems. The only way you can do that is to never marry.

  9. sari Says:

    I think the reason why Panya meant that cohabiation can decrease the chances to get divorce. Because under cohabiance situation, many things come to appear which they’d never know till they live together, and couples might not like the partners these hidden characteristics. Once thay find it’s not gona work well, they’ll just break up and fine a new partner before marriage. I would say that it connected not only the decreasement of divorce chances but also rate marriage.

  10. gaijinalways Says:

    You mean it might make one more likely to marry by living with many different partners at different times?

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