Q 12# What’s cute about that?

Do you find this cute?

What about the comments from different people, why are the opinions so varied?




18 Responses to “Q 12# What’s cute about that?”

  1. Ai Sato Says:

    I don’t find this cute. They have better go to the dentist. To tell the truth, I fixed my teeth. After that, my life became more convenient. I can brush my teeth more easily, I don’t need to worry about something get caught between my teeth. Yaeba is unhealthy and little bit ugly, to be honest.

  2. tomokazu tarui Says:

    I find this cute, because yaeba is character. And yaeba is associate a girl with cat. so, yaeba is very cute.

    we have tastes for every things, so, if some poeple think yaeba is not cute, no one can deny that.

  3. Luri Enoki Says:

    I think the girls on the pictures are cute. To be honest, it really depends on the people, because there are various kinds of yaeba in the world. For me, it is ok if the smile looks cute as long as he/she has a yaeba.
    Looking at the comments from different people, I think it is natural that there are so many different opinions. It was rather interesting to read different opinions.

  4. Saori Muramoto Says:

    I think they are cute, but it’s not due to having yaeba(double teeth?). It’s just because they have clean-cut features. Thus, the most important is the propotion. If yaeba doesn’t match one’s feature, he/she should straighten his/her teeth. Yaeba actually is not good for one’s health.

    Humans’ sensibility is grown up by the culture or custom. So it’s very natural that people have varied opinions. I think it’s interesting that the value judgement of the beauty is not only one.

  5. Seri  Says:

    I found this cute because they are with nice smile.
    I think Yaeba is one of the character, so I can not easily deny their yaeba.
    Unfortunately I have straight teeth, but if i had a Yaeba, It is ok too.

  6. Karin Shimada Says:

    I don’t think yaeba is cute.
    It’s because my mother used to tell me yaeba is not good and having straight set of teeth is nice.

    I think people whose parents or relatives like straight teeth tend to like strainght teeth.

  7. kasmersensei Says:

    It really does depend a bit on what your culture emphasizes as ‘cute’. This is why I think it is very difficult to promote a ‘cute’ culture unless another country shares the same values as to what is cute and in what contexts it may be acceptable (age, situation, etc.). Makes promotion of the concept of ‘cute’ more complex.

  8. yuna terasawa Says:

    i think yeaba is okay but it doesnt make someone cute just because they have yaeba and straightent teeth are actually better because some ppl (mostly western ppl) think yaeba is not cute and on the other hand, i dont think there is anyone that think straightend teeth are ugly.
    if someone has yaeba and doesnt want to fix them.. its their own decision and i dont really care what they do about them.

  9. Eiko Aizawa Says:

    I think these girls and their yaeba are cute. To be honest, I was surprised that many people, especially not Japanese people think yaeba could make girls ugly. But on mixi(SNS website), I found that more than 10000 people join the community “We like Yaeba”. And they even discuss they want ‘Yaeba implant’. So I think Yaeba is kind of cute in Japan, but we cannot say Yaeba can be accepted all over the world and it’s of course up to the individual.

  10. Mariko Ogata Says:

    I don’t care if someone has yaeba or not. There are lots of cute girls who do not have any yaebas. It is true that some Japanese think yaeba is cute but most Japanese do not pay so much attention to girls’ yaeba, I guess. I did not realize that Japanese liked yaeba very much until I saw this website.

  11. Asako Ochiai Says:

    I personally don’t really care about yaeba. In those pictures, I admit all girls look cute. However, it is not because of their teeth but their smiles.
    I assume that there is a tendency that westerners seek perfect things in many things. Straight teeth is not an exception.
    On the other hand, Japanese like inperfect things as you can see in some of the japanese art. What’s more, it’s japanese sense of attracion to reveal only a bit part of your body while westerners show their skin a lot.
    I think what people think about this issue depends on which way of thinking they have, Westerns or Japanese.

  12. Choi Jungwon Says:

    I think that Yaeba is kind of cute, but not definitely. I do not really think that every girl who has Yaeba is cute. Of course, there’re some girls whose face can get along with Yaeba – usually they have babyface like girls in the pictures – but in many cases, people have better looking without Yaeba.

    I just came here about a month ago, so I’m still learning about Japanese culture, but I can see that the “cuteness” is very important part of Japanese culture – especially the modern pop culture. And it’s totally different from other countries which emphasize on effieciency and
    practicality. And I think this kind of cultural difference lays various opinions on Yaeba girls.

  13. Mika Sato Says:

    I think yaeba is cute in Japan, but I heard foreign countries, especially Europian have strong consciousness about teeth, so they take orthodontics as early as possible.
    So it is natural for foreigners to think yaeba is ugly. The concept of ‘cute’ is defferent from each countries I think.

  14. Koji Fujita Says:

    I don’t think it’s cute. I just think that it seems it’s hard to brush their teeth.

    Maybe some people think that it’s better if girl had some strange parts in their body. If that girl was perfectly cute, they will lose their confidence of themselves. If the girl wasn’t perfect, they feel fine.

  15. Chiharu Hirai Says:

    I prefer straight teeth to yaeba, although I don’t dislike yaeba. Sometimes yaeba could be cute, if the girl is cute. It depends on the person. I think it’s very difficult to promote “cute” culture (yaeba) to foreign countries because even japanese people have different value of “cute”.

  16. yoko kunifuji Says:

    i don’t find this cute.
    the girls are cute, but yaeba is not the reason.

    the opinions are so varied because we have different ideas of what’s cute.
    generally, yaeba is considered to be cute in japan, but not in western countries. globalization has taken borders among countries, so each person came to have a different opinion about what is cute.

  17. Masumi Nakazawa Says:

    I think there are various cases which Yaeba work as cute or in converse, Yaeba work badlly for the people who have yaeba.

    Maybe if a pretty face girl has Yaeba , it will work well or as least, she has pretty face, so Yaeba will be covered by her pretty face.
    But if a not pretty face girl has Yaeba, Yaeba will not work badlly not well and in this case, Yaeba will be regarded as Bad things.

    In my opinion, the pictures of Yaeba’s girls of the website are cute because faces are pretty or beautiful, I mean, all depends on their faces.

    Well, if tooth are not cleasn-cut like Yaeba, I think it’s not a big problem while I don’t know Yaeba work as “cute”.

    However, it will be more problem that people have too much bent, filthy, yelowish, or tooth decay rather than Yaeba.

  18. Mikako Yokota Says:

    As generally Japanese culture take importance on being the “same”, this aspect that they tend to like yaeba seems to be sort of an exceptional. Thus, being different, and admitting the unmaintenancing thing(yaeba, which isn’t braced) might be one positive attitude in Japanese culture.

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