Q 13# How should we promote aspects from our country?

Many people need to be convinced or shown why something is interesting. This is where promotion strategies come into play.

What kind of promotion strategies would you use to promote some aspect of Japan?


21 Responses to “Q 13# How should we promote aspects from our country?”

  1. tomokazu tarui Says:

    I promote Japan by using manga, because manga is one of the most famous culture. so, manga is very fascinate for many foriegn poeple.
    Finally, mang a is good promotion tool.

  2. Luri Enoki Says:

    I would like to use a TV commercial as a promotion strategy, because it is the television that the most generation watch everyday frequently. So if I could make very attractive and surprising TV commercial of Japan which attract many people’s attention, the people around the world will come to be curious about Japan.

  3. Saori Muramoto Says:

    I will use Japanese movies, because in a movie, we can find so many useful elements in promoting Japan. For example, the Japanese scenery, foods, cultures, life-styles, ,,,, etc.
    There are many lovely Japanese movies, so I’d like foreigners to watch them and have some interests in Japan.
    A promotion strategy I will use is a presentation (or showing a commercial message) about Japan with Japanese movies in the international film festival.

  4. Karin Shimada Says:

    I’d like to use Japanese movies too.
    It’s because movies can leave good impression on peolple all over the world. For example, people who have watched ”Roman Holiday” go to Roma.
    I think it’s effective to use You Tube or other website to introduce Japanese movies.

  5. kasmersensei Says:

    Luri said, “I would like to use a TV commercial as a promotion strategy, because it is the television that the most generation watch everyday frequently.”

    But do many people still watch TV, particularly the commercials?

    As to using movies, you’ll only reach people who watch them. The kind of movies you’re talking about may never go to DVD rental shops. What percentage of people in your target countries watch films?

  6. kasmersensei Says:


    Your approach is maybe better (or to be used in conjuntion with an internationl film festival, which is where I saw some Japanese animation for the first time). I think youtube is viewed by a lot more people now, especially younger people from 12-40.

    When we look at the aspects portrayed in ‘Roman Holiday’, what was most striking about Rome in that film? And did many people go there after viewing the film, or was it mostly Japanese who went there?

  7. Eiko Aizawa Says:

    I also think using movies are effective to promote Japan, and I would like to use the Internet(website) too. This is because using the Internet is very low cost and many people can see it very easily. Also, we can introduce many aspects of Japanese culture if we make pages about many types of Japanese culture on the website. So I recommend to make the website of Japanese culture.

  8. Mariko Ogata Says:

    I want to promote Japanese TV programs. I think many foreigners get to know Japanese cultures through Japanese TV programs. For example, my Chinese friends really like Japanese actors, actress and musicians because they became a fan of them when they watched Japanese dramas in China. In Japan, many women both young and old are very enthusiastic about Korean dramas in recent years and some of them go to Korea to see the site of the dramas. We can also promote animes as Japanese TV programs. TV Tokyo are actively promoting its anime programs to foreign countries. For TV stations, it’s a kind of business, but they are contributing to the promotion of Japanese cultures.

  9. Asako Ochiai Says:

    I suggest making J-channel in other countries. Like in the states, there are lots of tv programs and each of them broadcast various topics and issues. Therefore, we could start new channel to promote Japan as well.
    So as to let peopel in different range of age enjoy the program, it should have different theme to introduce japanese culture from traditional one to the modern one. about nature, fasion, food, architecture, art, and even “cuteness” could be there.
    Of course, it would be difficult for people at the beginning to find the channel, and you can’t expect everyone will watch it. however, by means of ad and word-of-mouth, it could spread more.
    For these point of views, I suggest making the tv channel to promote some aspects of J-culture.

  10. Choi Jungwon Says:

    Since we’re living in 21st century, I think we should use the super cool modern technology – INTERNET!
    I agree with the opinions which says using movies for promotion, but I don’t think that many people go to theater and watch Japanese movie unless they have enormous intereset in Japanese culture. So If you want to use movie as a promotion tool, I think it should be promoted on the internet first. Many people – including myself – refrence reviews on blog when they choose movies. So if used properly, I think blog promotion will be the very powerful tool.

  11. Mika Sato Says:

    I’d like to use TV program to promote Japan.
    I sometimes watch TV programs about foreign countries such as “Sekai no Shasou kara”, “Dangan traveller” and “Itte Q” etc..
    When I watch those program, I think I want go there. In fact, one of my friends watched such program of Vietnam, she was impressed at the nature of Vietnam and actually she went there.
    I think people can watch TV easier than movie, so TV program is better way to promote aspects from our country.

  12. Koji Fujita Says:

    The reason why people travel is to see unusual things.

    Akihabara will be an interest place to visit. Strange costumes, strange manga stores and strange restaurants.

    I will use ads in websites and show some pictures that was taken in Japan.

  13. Chiharu Hirai Says:

    I’d like to promote japanese traditional festival “MATSURI” To promote it, I’d like to held kind of new style festival which foreign people can partisipate in. For example, thay can wear YUKATA and carry a mikoshi in the festival. To let them know such kind of festival in Japan, it’s effective to use media such as website or TV commercial etc for advertisement.

  14. yoko kunifuji Says:

    i’d like to use movies.

    we make movies which are originated in japanese comics or animation and export them to foreign countries. by watching them, foreigners may become interested in not only original comics or animation but also other aspects of our culture such as foods or fashion.

    thus, there are possibility to promote many aspects of japanese culture by making movies.

  15. akari fukatsu Says:

    I agree with Luri Enoki’s opinion; using TV commercial.

    It may cost much, but also it can have a big influence toword foreign country people, I think.

  16. kasmersensei Says:

    The problem with some of these ideas is that these things are already being done. There are blogs promoting Japanese aspects, manga, etc.. They don’t seem to draw a lot of people unless people are already interested in that topic, i.e. people already interested in manga, Japanese food, etc.

    There are also Japanese TV programs abroad, though often they are not new programs, but reruns, some of which are quite old. They will give foreigners a taste of/for Japan, but it may be a rather dated version of it. A new channel might initially draw viewers, but it may simply be language outlet for learners or those japanese businessmen living broad.

    As to the TV programs themselves, you could try, though I would say the market is more limited to ‘near’ Asia, Korea and China. Those countries also have similar slow moving lower budget dramas, which generally are not attractive to Western viewers (though its appeal to Middle Eastern viewers is another story, look at the appeal of ‘Winter Sonata’ in that region).

    Some people mentioned Japanese festival promotion, but they didn’t give details as to how these would be done. Would it simply be a mirror of festivals in Japan or would there be a cultural hook as part of a larger event?

  17. Masumi Nakazawa Says:

    Basically, Japan has a lot of aspects which fascinate not only Japanese but also foreigners too. However the problem I think is that the Japanese governments doesn’t have effective policies by using Japanese good culture.

    To promote aspects of our country to abroad, it is necessary that foreigners have interests about Japan. As the tools to help it,

    1) Japanese music(especially “visual rock band” is effectiveness and influence in Europe. In fact, recently many Japanese visual rock bands debut, and they succeeded in their live in Europe very much. Like these, recently many Japanese news papers often pick up.)

    2) Japanese Manga (that read all over the world now)

    3) Fashion(Japanese various fashion styles are attracted)

    Finally, the concrete policies only about 1) which I suggest is that, increase the number of the bands’ live tours at local live house in Europe. Besides, make the travel tours for foreigners who love the music when the bands take place live tour among parts of Japan, and so, fans can communicates with the other fans(foreigners’ fans and Japanese fans), and they can also watch a lot of live performance directly while they always can only watch their live performance by Youtube etc. In addition, it is helpful that the foreigners know and feel Japan by the travel programs’ including to go sightseeing which experience Japan etc.
    The character of this policies: make foreigners who have interests about only “Visual rock band” not Japanese culture have interests about the other Japanese culture by communicating Japanese, visiting Japan. As a result, the policies promote aspects from Japan.

  18. Seri  Says:

    I think it is efficient to hold a festival which promotes Japanese cultures and products and foods.
    Also the festival doesn’t always have to be large in scale.
    It’s difficult to make many people have an interest, so it’s better to promote on a small scale first, such as a part of a school festival.

  19. kasmersensei Says:


    Should these be school festivals at elementary, junior high or high schools or at universities? If you do all of them, how might they differ in the activities planned?

  20. kasmersensei Says:



    I would say visual kei is not so mainstream, and actually borrows a lot from Western bands Devo, Kiss, etc.

    Visual Kei is exactly as it sounds: Rock music that incorporates visual effects and elaborate costumes to heighten the experience of the music and the show.

    ..a Japanese equivalent of

      glam rock

    known as visual kei.


    The posts in this thread make it sound as if VK is popular and KNOWN in Japan. In Japan, the common person and most of the populace is AWARE of VK’s existence. However, for the most part they don’t know of any recent bands (Dir en grey is not a VK band) and believe that VK is a fake genre (which is true because VK IS not a genre) for pretty boys to play and have a lot of female fans. Even in Japan, females are still the main audience for VK anyway.

    I don’t really know where VK could get in US (only speaking for the US because I live there and am aware of the general average consumer’s attitude) seeing as how even popular Japanese pop sensations have seemed to flop here. The US is also known for having relatively no known Asian music stars. So if something more accessible and readily sold as pop and R&B icons who are Asian can’t make it, then VK bands are even less likely to make an impact especially because rock and metal still hold shaddy footing on the music charts.


    Popularity and awareness of such groups outside of Japan has seen an increase in recent years. While the successful X JapanX Japan
    is a Japan band founded in 1982 by Toshi and Yoshiki . Originally named X , the group achieved its breakthrough success in 1989 with the release of their second album Blue Blood ….
    launched an attempt to enter the international market as early as 1992, it would still take another decade until live concerts and regular domestic releases by Visual Kei themed bands in Europe and North America came to pass.

  21. Mikako Yokota Says:

    Making some brochures and put them in the travel agnecies would work. Then, travelors can know about Japan and learn the cultures they would be interested in. In the brochures, we will put historical buldings, art, or customs, as people from other cultures see the differences between their cultures and Japanese ones.

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