Q 14# Promoting with demographics in mind

Demographics has to do with different categories concerning population. This could be age, gender, education background, type of job, income, geographic location, etc..

When we choose a cultural aspect to promote, which demographics are most important to keep in mind? Please give specific examples and the reasoning behind your choices.


13 Responses to “Q 14# Promoting with demographics in mind”

  1. kasmersensei Says:

    Please look at my new comments on question 13 before posting here.

  2. Seri Okagawa Says:

    I think age is the most important to keep in mind when we promote our culture.

    For example, When I promote Japanese food to young people in other countries, I’d like to emphasize what aspects of Japanese food are cool,popular, new and interesting. Because I think young people are susceptible to changes in trend.

    On the other hand, when I promote it to older people, I’d like to stress the healthy and safty aspects of Japanese food. Because many of them might be concerned about their health.

    In short, we could choose suitable way to promotion with knowing their age and generation,because their needs and interest is depend on their generation.

  3. kasmersensei Says:


    Age is an important aspect to consider, as people generally are far more likely to be aware of new trends when they’re younger.

    Is there any difference between genders though or nationalities when it come to wanting to be on top of new trends?

    Or is it also a urban residents versus suburban/countryside residents difference?

  4. Asako Ochiai Says:

    In my opinion, finding out the economic situation of the country or region is important thing when you promote something.

    For example, even if you decide to broadcast ad on the internet, it is useless in countries with PC less familier. In those places, magazines could be much effective to disclose the cultural aspect. In other words, unless people can afford for the latest technology, what we think the most convenient for sharing the new idea doesn’t work well.

    Analyzing the economic situation and people’s life style and learn how and where people get the information from is the factor you need to know first of all.

  5. Karin Shimada Says:

    I agree to Asako’s idea. I think economic situation and life style is very important when we promote Japan.

    When I went to a house in a village of Cambodia, almost all the family members watched TV.
    However, they didn’t have PC.

    In this situation, the internet is useless to promote Japan, but TV is useful.

    In short, we must keep in mind the location they live(countryside or city) and how much they earn when we promote our culture.

  6. kasmersensei Says:

    But are many people in Cambodia going to be able to afford to come to Japan (if potential tourists is our main goal)?

  7. Eiko Aizawa Says:

    As Seri says, I also think age is most important to promote culture. This is because people’s tastes are completely different from their age. For example, in many countries, there are many children who like playing sports. In this situation, Japan should promote Japanese sports. When Japan promote sports, their economic situation is not so important(Of course we have to consider somewhat). I think some Japanese culture aspects need money such as food and fashion, but there are also many aspects which people can enjoy with not using money so much, such as sports. So I think age is most important.

  8. kasmersensei Says:


    In this situation, Japan should promote Japanese sports. When Japan promote sports, their economic situation is not so important(Of course we have to consider somewhat).

    But again, will the foreigners come to visit or are you just hoping they might in the future if their standard of living is substantially raised?

  9. yoko kunifuji Says:

    i think income is the most important.

    for instance, if we promote our culture to poor people in the third world, maybe they get interested in it.
    however they cannot afford to come to japan or even buy japanese goods.

    so, it’s more effective to promote our culture to people who have enough money to spend for leisure.

  10. Koji Fujita Says:

    Age will be most important factor.

    Old people who retired and students will be the one who has time to travel to foreign countries. Students have long vacation so they can go. Old people who retired also has a lot of time. They also have a lot of money.

  11. Luri Enoki Says:

    I think the most important factor as promoting Japanese cultural aspect is geographic location, especially nations.

    For example, in Asia like Korea and China, manga is well-known and familier to them. So it is effective to publish manga which includes cultural aspects because they will enjoy reading it. In contrast, in the area such as Europe and America, manga’s status is still low. In such case it would be better idea to promote it through movie. They have more interest in Japanese movies rather than manga.

    In conclusion, geographic location is the most important aspect for the difference of people’s interest from the reason above.

  12. kasmersensei Says:

    I think we’ve hit on several factors that are important;

    1) age

    2) level of disposable income

    3) amount of free time

    4) geographic proximinity to Japan

    Any other things we need to consider?

  13. tomokazu tarui Says:

    education is the mmost important problem. if the country educate different things against japan, it is very difficult to promote japanese culture.

    for example, there is big problem between china and japan, socalled kyoukasyomondai, because of the problem, many people dislike japan.

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