Q 15# Promoting cuteness

Let’s say we decided to follow the Japanese government’s lead, and so we have our ‘cute’ ambassadors.

What should we have them do to promote ‘cute’ culture?

What countries should we have them visit to promote ‘cute’ culture?


10 Responses to “Q 15# Promoting cuteness”

  1. Mika Sato Says:

    I want them to visit various foreign countries and hold a concert there. I have them wear cute clothes, accessories and have cute hairstyle and makeup. Then I make some shops selling goods what they wears, and audience can get same as they have. Also I ask media(TV, magazine and newspaper) to report the situation. Many people might see the news, so cute culture might spread.
    I want them to visit some countries where ‘cute’ concept doesn’t spread very much.

  2. Luri Enoki Says:

    We should have them to promote ‘cute’ culture by organizing a singer group which has cute girls’ members wearing fashionable and ‘cute’ cloths. They must be the cutting the edge of the entertainment’s world so they can attract many people’s attention.

    We should have this ‘cute’ singer group visit America and China for the first, because these countries have a huge impact on the other countries. If they can succeed there, the people in the other countries must have interest in the group.

  3. kasmersensei Says:

    Please also look at my latest comment under Q 14# about demographics.

    We’ll be talking about this more in the next class.



  4. Seri Okagawa Says:

    Cute ambassadors are only useful to attract OTAKU people. Definition of “cute” is different with people’s nationality or personality, but if they have a common aspect of OTAKU the most of them maybe like cute girls like the characters of animation.

    Therefore, It is good to join a comic festival or costume play event with cute ambassadors. And they will dance, sing and sell the products with cute clothes like characters of Japanese cute animation.

    Although it is not the most sufficient way, but If I use cute ambassadors to promote Japan, Asian countries or the United States is the most effective countries to visit, because OTAKU culture is well recognized.

  5. kasmersensei Says:


    Otaku does not need to be spelled in all caps ‘OTAKU’. As to the defintion of ‘cute’ or perception of it, yes I think what Japan is marketing is more closely aligned to an Asian defintion of cute, and perhaps it would be better to market to these geographic areas that share the sam defintion as Japan.

    Bearing that in mind, which countries would you choose in Asia to target for these comic or cosplay events?.

  6. tomokazu tarui Says:

    i organnize two or three cute women with black hair. because4 black hair is simbol of japanese. and they donce japanese dance like bon odori.because bonodori is popular in hawai. so, it is possible many american or foreign poeple like it.

    and target country are korea or china. some young chinese or korean like japanese,it is easy to make them accept japanese cute.

  7. Mariko Ogata Says:

    I agree with the idea that the cute ambassadors organize a singer group and make their debut in abroad. I don’t know if they succeed or not, but if thier CDs are selling well, more people may know them and have interest in Japanese “cute” culture.

    If they try to come out, it is better to go to Asian countries at first, such as China and Korea because some Japanese singers have alredy been known in these countries. People in Asian countries will accept Japanese cute ambassadors more than other countries.

  8. yoko kunifuji Says:

    we should have them to wear clothes which make them more attractive.
    the final goal of ‘cute’ ambassadors is to increase the numbers of tourists. we may get people interested in japanese culture by doing so.

    i think we should have them visit asian countries first.
    japanese culture already has some influences on asia, so we can expect it to be successful. if we succeed in promoting tourists from asia and people in other regions see the increase, they may also come to think of visiting japan.

  9. Karin Shimada Says:

    I would like our ‘cute’ ambassadors to wear cute clothes with frills and introduce Harajuku or Akihabara.

    Most of the tourists who come to Japan are from Asia, so I would like the ambassadors to go to other countries except Asia and inform them about Japan.

    One problem is that though there are not so many people wearing cute clothes with a lot of frills even in Harajuku or Akihabara, foreighners may think most Japanese girls like this kind of fasion.

  10. Koji Fujita Says:

    I think “cute” ambassadors should wear Japanese clothes to promote Japanese fashion. It will be great if Japanese fashion industry become more big and will be able to give influence to the world.

    We should have them visit Asian countries because Asian countries have similar tastes of fashion.

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