Q17# Promoting using an artist

If you selected an artist for your group’s culture, who would you choose?

What would you have him or her do?

Which countries would you have him or her go to?

Please explain the reasons for your answers.


13 Responses to “Q17# Promoting using an artist”

  1. Ai Sato Says:

    >If you selected an artist for your group’s culture, who would you choose?
    My team’s topic is Japanese historical clothes and modern fashion. So I will select Ai Tominaga. She is one of the most famous show model and she has appeared in many fashion magazines including Vogue,American, French, British, Japanese, Russian and German. Her face is historical and modern so I believe she can dress every costume marvelously.

    >What would you have him or her do?
    I will have her be campaign character. Concretely,
    ・Making advertisement movie for TV and the Internet
    ・Interview from famous fashion magazines
    ・Show model

    >Which countries would you have him or her go to?
    She is famous in America, France, Britain,Russia and German. So I will send her to these country.

  2. Luri Enoki Says:

    Our team decided to promote Japanese traditional construction and diet. So I would choose Ken Watanabe as an artist to promote Japan. He is one of the actors who are well-known around the world.

    I would have him wear kimono and introduce the traditional construction and diet in a TV commercial and events which include a short play.

    I would have him go to America because he has appeared in Hollywood movies several times and succeeded in those.

  3. asako ochiai Says:

    Our group’spromoting objects are japanese traditional architecture and food. In order to lead the project to success, I would like to choose Koyuki as a campaign girl. She is an actress who is half Japanese and half Chinese but is good at speaking English. On top of that she has been famous world sidely after acting in a Hollywood movie.
    For these reasons, she would have important role to collect people’s attention.

    I would let her be in advertisement of travel agency. For example, shooting a tv ad and put ad on the magazines would be able to stimulate people’s interests toward our topic. Needless to say, website is included. Of course those ads should contain traditional architecture and food with even some proper music in a TV ad!
    I assume that Koyuki and japanese traditions will remind people “the last samurai” and get people want to visit Japan, a world in the movie.

    As you see from my statements, there is no need to send the artist to abroad. Using the media enables us to do it.
    The target countries or area our group would appeal to will be western counries. THere are basically 2 reasons.
    Firstly, because we have less visitors from Europe for now. The number is increasing but still the long distance barriers them coming all the way down here.
    Secondly, many western countries have great interests toward architecture and food cause they have their own culture, and japanese ones are very different from theirs.
    So in order to gain more visitors, and meet the needs(interests), we would promote japanese traditional architecture and food to European countries.

  4. kasmersensei Says:

    Ai Tominaga,

    Sorry, not even on the Western radar unless you attend fashion shows or read women’s magazines. Well known in Japan and mentioned as maybe one of the few Asian supermodels. I have seen her in the Lux commercial, but she seems to be only in the Japanese version, not versions shown abroad.

    Zhang Ziyi is probably better known from ‘Crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ fame, as well as having several films to her name, including a few Western ones.

    Ken Watanabe is known, not sure how wide spread his recognition is outside of Japan. I like your ideas for how you would use him though, and his English is passable.

    Kayuki Kato (?)

    Not so well known abroad as her role in ‘The Last Samurai is a supporting one. Better known in Japan and perhaps Asia.

  5. yuna terasawa Says:

    If i was to use an artist to help promote “japanese festivals” I would choose a famous architect to promote the Sapporo Snow Festival.
    The person should promote this towards people who are interested in architecture so I guess promoting to students(maybe in a European country?) who study architect will be nice.

  6. Eiko Aizawa Says:

    Our group is going to promote Japanese fashion (especially modern one) and we are hoping that we can connect it with Japanese food. And we choose Ebichan (Yuri Ebihara) to promote them. This is because we want to focus on Asian girls to promote, and we think Japanese fashion magazines are well known there. So Ebichan is also known among Asian girls.
    We want her to appear a fashion show as a model and also appeal Japanese food. However as you said during the last class, we are concerning about that it might be too narrow. But still I think it’s a good idea, so we will adjust it somewhat in next class.

  7. Seri Okagawa Says:

    I would like to promote Japanese art, such as firework festival and Tokyo tower.
    The new Tokyo tower called Tokyo sky tree will be completed by the end of 2011. So,It could be a great appeal point to gather attention from all over the world. And Tokyo sky tree is constructed near by Asakusa, so it is efficient to appeal the town like Asakusa.
    Then, I choose Johneys idols to promote this. They are so famous in many asian countries, especially in China and Korea, so I send them to these countries and hold a event which promote new landmark of Japan.

  8. kasmersensei Says:


    But I need the name of a specific person. Promoting the Saparro Snow festival itself is not a bad idea, though in this case, you probably want a


    , not an architect.


    Yuri Ebihara is okay for Asia, but even then, how much of Asia? All?
    A few countries?

    I also don’t know if a fashion model is always the best choice for promoting food ..as many of them don’t
    eat very much.


    A tower is related with architecture, not art per se.

    I don’t know that fireworks festivals are necessarily interesting, but certainly some aspects of festivals can be.

    Only two countries? Seems like a pretty limited area for a promotion.

  9. yu kawane Says:

    I want to chose Shingo Katori who is a member of SMAP, one of the popular artist group in Japan, cause he has a image like a “a man of the festival”

    I want him to go to the US cause he is familiar with english and he has published some books related to english.

  10. kasmersensei Says:


    Shingo’s English is not too good, so I’m not sure what you mean by ‘familiar’ with English.

    Also, someone having ‘an image of a man of the festival’ doesn’t make sense in English. Please try to explain what that means.

  11. Mikako Yokota Says:

    We discussed that promoting Japanese directors, such as Toshio Kurosawa or Yukio Ninagawa. Their movies and plays were known to outside Japan as well. Ninagawa, recently condcted Greece tragedy and held in Greece, which gain the knowledge about it to Japanese people.

  12. Koji Fujita Says:

    I would choose Yuri Ebihara or Moe Oshikiri. They are fashion models. These people are popular among Japanese girls. They can also promote Japanese fashion.

    I would have them wear Japanese clothes and take them to asian countries like China and South Korea.

  13. tomokazu tarui Says:

    i choose osikiri moe. osikiri moe is the most famous model in japan,and she is popular in china and korea. so,i choose her.

    we promote japanese fashion for asian countries.

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