Q 18# Links to consider

Any good ideas in the links below for your group (please be specific)?



10 Responses to “Q 18# Links to consider”

  1. Ai Sato Says:


    Above 2 links is useful for our group.

    I’d like to use first one to attract people who are wealthy and like to have Eastern interior goods. If we hold the interior shop which use Japanese kimono near fashion show hall, somebody who love its pattern but don’t want to wear kimono can enjoy kimono as a part of interior.

    Second one’s idea that girls wearing pretty costume deliver drinks will useful to advertise our sponsor. Usually, Beer girls is only in baseball stadiums. But, our event is also hold in outside and most of spectators will be thirsty. So pretty girls wearing yukata or jinbe, Japanese historical clothes, or other costume which present our fashion show is really efficient to advertisement,at once, can entertain our spectators.

  2. Asako Ochiai Says:

    Because our group is working on the food and architecture, most of the ideas were not suitable for us.
    however, for foods field, we could use conveyor-belt sushi in below


    They do make sushi in abroad but conveyor-belt one is still rare in western countries. This is a worth idea to bring back in the group discussion next class.

  3. Mariko Ogata Says:

    Beer girls are good idea for our topic. I think it’s pretty hard to attract lots of tourists just for fashion show. If the models of the fashion show serve tourists like beer girls, we will be able to attract more people for the show. I cannot come up with any ideas about service right now, but if we offer not only fashion show but also some services, more tourists would have interest in the show.

  4. Karin Shimada Says:

     Our topic is festival, so I don’t think they are useful for us. However, if some foreigners are interested in furniture decorated with kimono, they may enjoy seeing yukata in Japanese festivals.

  5. Masumi Nakazawa Says:

    As Ms.Karin Shimada said, our group’s topic of presentation to promote Japanese aspects is not related to these topics(high-technology and traditional clothes,kimono)

    However I think that it probably good to let foreigners come to Japan by appealing to our high-tech. Because in fact, many rich Chinese come to Japan to buy high-tech things,computer etc.

  6. Luri Enoki Says:

    Those sites above seems little differnt from our group theme, food and architecture. Although that I feel like I could understand how foreigners will be attracted to the Japanese things from these sites. Something new and practical must be interesting for them, so our group keep in mind this and are going to have our presentation become surprising and useful.

  7. Seri Okagawa Says:

    Something like beer girls is good idea to add my promotion strategy, because I would like to hold a exhibition in other country which introduce foreigners to Japanese festival and encourage them to come to Japan.

    In the exhibition, visitors could enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese festivals from food, music, display or more other things. Therefore if there are some Japanese girl salesclerks with unique uniform as like beer girl, it would be a good attracting point of the exhibition.

  8. tomokazu tarui Says:

    our group topic is food and clothes, so, there is not good article. But i can understand what attractive is for foreign poeple. so, i would like to rethink how to promote japan from aspect of food and clothes.

  9. yu kawane Says:

    I don’t thik they are going to be a good idea for our group because we have a kind of different topic which introduce some festival in japan to foreigners. but I might think we could use a beer girl to promote.

  10. Koji Fujita Says:


    This will be the most related article. We need to know more about Asian countries and fashion.

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