Q21# What did you think of the second and third presentations?

Please give opnions as well as some reasons why you liked;

a) topic content b) promotional ideas c) slides, etc


12 Responses to “Q21# What did you think of the second and third presentations?”

  1. Luri Enoki Says:

    a)I liked the architecture promotion topic, because foreigners probably like Ninnjya and will show much interest in it.
    b)To make the TV commercial is one of the good promotional ideas. The architecture promotion team analized well, I thought.
    c)The slide about the promotion strategy was really effective. She used many picture so I could understand perfectly. The hand-made pictures had good impact in the presentation.

  2. Asako Ochiai Says:

    a) I found their topic interesting to attract foreigners. Even in other countries, Akihabara is becoming popular as a city of electric stuff and also Otaku culture.

    b) There are many foreigners’ groups walking around in Akihabara but I have never heard about the official tour they can join. In addition, the game idea was quite interesting. The prize money could attract ones who are trying to come to Japan not just for knowing the otaku culture but who wants to get the basic idea about Japan.
    I would be interested in the details of the tour if they ever plan it in real!

  3. Asako Ochiai Says:

    c)Their power point was easy to follow. not too much letters, good amounts of pictures. I enjoyed it.

  4. Seri Okagawa Says:

    a) I think their contents of the akihabara otaku tour was well considered, it could attract many foreign people.

    b) Their promotional strategies are also good, especially the discount strategy was. Because they provide the big discount of necessary costs to travel by collaborate with 3 Japanese companies. The money problem is serious for students, so their promotional strategies will be efficient to make foreign students come to Japan.

    c) Their slides was well-organized and easy to see.

  5. Seri Okagawa Says:

    a) Japanese food and architecture

    b) The introduction of the food part was really good. It was convincible to show a survey about the topic. The idea of second quality food is fresh and timely, so it is efficient to make an appeal to foreigners.

    c) Their PPT slides, especially in the architecutre part were well composed, beautiful and easy to understand.
    But I want more text or word to understand the contents of the promotional strategies, because the spoken information was little bit too much.

  6. Ai Sato Says:

    For third presentation

    Basically, their presentation was good. Especially, topic content and slide was great. Their statement or slide was great and easy to follow.Yet, some people need more eye contact. It was really shame. Besides, the connection with Japanese food and architecture was not clear. I needed more information.

  7. Karin Shimada Says:

    About the tour of Akihabara.

    a)I don’t know how many people all over the world are interested in otaku culture in Japan, but I think some people who like it can enjoy the tour.

    b)I think the idea of tying up with Coca-Cola is effective, because it is well-known all over the world, and young people usually like coke!

    c)I could understand easily, so I think it is nice!

  8. Saori Muramoto Says:

    a)Akihabara otaku tour was trendy, so it was very effective topic in promoting Japan, I think.

    b)They suggested so many promotion strategies, so I cannot comment on all of them. Especially, school excursion was good idea. It’s because that idea was very practical.

    c)I could enjoy their presentation. It was polished very well, but I fthink their slides were just little bit confused.

  9. tomokazu tarui Says:

    a akihabara is one of the most famous places in japan for china or korea because of electric appliances.so, the promotion is good because it promote from other aspect of akihabara.

    b discount stratedeies is very good. because now most poeple all over the world dont have enough money because of depression.

    c, itwas good because there were many picture, so it can see eisily.

  10. Takashi Says:

    ◎Japanese art and Architecture
     a. The popular Japanese foods ranking was interesting and to me and it would be useful when I make some food for foreighn people.

    b. I think using Madonna for the Okonomiyaki campaign character is a good idea because she is well-known all over the world. I think a tour including Kyoto as a tourist attraction is excellent because Kyoto has lots of Japanese-taste places. Ninjya temple would be great for some people.

    c. I found slides were well-organized. Their voice was easy to listen to.

  11. Takashi Says:

    ◎Japanese Otaku culture

    a. I found Made cafe fascinating though I have’n t been to a Made Cafe. It’s a good place to found a person to talk with.

    b. Though it may be rather costly, I think promoting with the Internet, TV commercials and magazines would be very efficient to increase people who know Otaku culture.

    c. I felt there voice was easy to listen to. Their eye-contact was good.

  12. yu kawane Says:

    a)i have some friends who are from france, portugul, england something like that,.and they are really otaku, actually. so this idea could be nice.
    b)using madonna is a good idea for propotion. if we were talking about the real life, it would be really difficult cause we need much amout of money to use her. but now we dont have to think of money. so it is nice idea.
    c)their slide is well organized. it was easy to follow.

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