Q 22# Comments on presentations by groups 4 and 5

What did you think of groups  4 and 5s’ presentations?


4 Responses to “Q 22# Comments on presentations by groups 4 and 5”

  1. Seri Okagawa Says:

    Locations of Japanese Doramas and Movies

    I found their promotional strategy 1 was great, they devise the PPT slides so much. I enjoyed watching it.

    I think Japanese dramas are only popular in Asian countries now, so their promotional strategies are helpful to raise Japanese drama’s profile in Western countries.

    If I could say about their treatment of PPT, they have to practice more beforehand the presentation because slides go back and forth many times in the presentaion.

  2. Ai Sato Says:

    For 4th Japanese food & architecture

    I like your Okonomiyaki TV commercial movie using Madonna. It was deffinitely attractive. Usigng ninjya yashiki is also great strategy. Your powerpoint slide was also great and easy to follow. Pictures on slide helped me to image your strategy.

    Yet, I wanted to watch whole presantation in one day. Because of absent, the structure of presantation got difficult to uderstand. I mean, it’s really shame but, the message of your presantation team waned considerably.

    For 5th Locations of Japanese drama & movies

    I liked your promotion strategy which focusing on city area. I think it’s really efective because every trends start from city area. Even if Japanese drama or movie is only popular among Asian countries, this strategy will help to attract people live in other areas. Besides, the rogic which explained how effective your promption strategies are was also good. Especially, your example using old famous movie such as “Roman holiday” or ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It was really understandable.

    Yet, sometime, the lincage between section and section was difficult to see. If you solve this problem, your presantation would get more brilliant one, I believe.

  3. Saori Muramoto Says:

    for group 4,

    The presentation of group 4 was polished.
    Their idea, using Madonna for promotion VTR was so interesting. It was so effective for promoting Japanese food all over the world, because she is very famous artist.
    Then, ninja-yashiki is very popular for foreigners.

    However, her eating habit is not general, and moreover most Japanese don’t have a habit of macrobiotic food.
    (In macrobiotic, people cannot eat eggs or animal food, and normal okonomiyaki is made from such animal foods and vegetables.) That is to say, it can bring misunderstanding about Japanese food.
    Therefore, I think other famous someone (normal Japanese food lover) is better to use.

  4. yu kawane Says:

    i can say their idea could be one of idea to attract foreighner to japan.
    actually, i am not sure how popular japanese drams in the world.
    but if japanese dramas were getting popular in the world, it would be great for all japanese.
    so this group’s promotion strategy could be the idea to raise popularness in the world.

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